This is all new to me!

It’s the first time I’ve ever blogged so stick with me as I find my way. I’ve been working on my fitness since around March of 2010. At that time I was at my highest, well actually I hadn’t stepped on a scale in a while, so I could have been higher at one time, so it’s the highest that I know of. I’m going to put it out there, I was at 279 pounds. I had just started an AWESOME boot camp, and that really got me motivated to work on myself. It’s now been over 2 years and I’ve lost around 75 pounds. My ultimate goal is to lose 150 pounds (my weight would be 129), but my short term goal right now is to get out of the 200’s so that’s what I’m working on right now. This weekend has NOT been good as far as my food choices and I haven’t worked out since Friday, but I’ll get back at it tomorrow. I’m not going to dwell on what I’ve done this weekend, I’m going to move on and start fresh tomorrow. So my first words of “wisdom” are: Don’t dwell on the past, as they would say on the Lion King, you have to put your past in your behind! NEVER GIVE UP!


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