1st day of school

I don’t have kids, so it was my first day of school. I’m in my second/last year of nursing school. It was great to get back and see all of my nursing buddies! I got back to the gym today too. I did two 30 minute interval workouts on the treadmill and did the weight circuit that they have set up, two times through. For some reason I’m self conscious about running on the treadmills with other people around, I’m always afraid I’ll be too loud or something, one of these times I will give it a try though. I’m excited to get back into my gym routine again, another good thing about getting back to school. I did pretty good on my eating this weekend, but didn’t do so great on the exercising, actually didn’t exercise at all. I can’t go back and change it, so I just got back at it today. I decided today, I’m going to do a plank every day and see how my time improves over the next few weeks. So day one plank time was 1 minute 27 seconds, and it’s the longest I’ve ever held a plank (I think). I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday!


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