I started over

With the couch to 5K, but this time I did it on a treadmill and it went a lot better than the last time I started it. I’m actually looking forward to doing it again. I had some pains in my legs when I first started (I guess like shin splints, I’ve never had them before so I don’t know for sure), but they went away eventually and I felt really good when I finished. On day two of my personal plank challenge and today’s plank time was 1 minute 30 seconds, up 3 seconds from yesterday. Can’t wait to see where I am by the end of September. I’m also starting this challenge on September 1st.


Who’s with me? In 100 days we will have done 5050 burpees!!

Today was my second day of school, and my first LONG day of lecture. We are learning all about psychiatric nursing and I think it’s all going to be REALLY interesting. Can’t wait to get further into the semester and really start learning again.


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