Happy Labor Day

I was trying to spend some time today studying since I have 3 tests this week. I was organized and ready to go, but before I knew it I was asleep. That’s one of the hazards of studying in your bed, it’s really easy to lay down and fall asleep. So now I’ve given up on studying for the day. Maybe I’ll get back to it later, maybe not.

I went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday and I found something called the “Wholesome Mornin’ Sampler”. I thought this would be a good choice since I haven’t been real good about my food choices lately. This is what it looked like:

and it consisted of two eggs, bacon (I don’t like their sausage), a blueberry muffin and a low fat yogurt partfait. It was REALLY good, but it was also A LOT of food. Next time I’ll just see if I can get the parfait and muffin and leave off the egg and bacon. I ended up giving some of my bacon to my hubby. I think it probably had a lot of sugar, so it would definitely need to be a special meal every once in a while. The parfait was very good and had fresh blackberries on top, and the granola was a good addition to the parfait.

This past week I got my Sweaty Band, Marika Fitness pants, and my necklace from Tina Steinberg. I will be wearing my Sweaty Band and my pants tomorrow to workout so I’ll let you know what I think about them. I did wear them both the other day, but not to workout, and the Sweaty Band never moved and the pants were really comfortable. I’m excited to try them out during a workout.

This is my band. It’s super cute and bright!!

My new pants!!

And this is my lovely necklase. The heart says “Your love is my shelter”. I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow also.

Oh and I also found a new favorite salad dressing at a local meat market. It has a little more sugar in it then I would like, but it tastes really good.

Only 30 calories per serving and no fat. And it tastes SO good! Makes me want to eat more salads!!

I’ve also ordered a Bondi Band and I’m really excited to get it. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I get it in and give it a workout or two.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!


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