Wednesday blah…

It’s been one of those days. It’s my day off of school and I should be studying for a test and practicing for a check-off and all I’ve wanted to do is sit here and watch the 16 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 that are on my DVR. Plus, I’ve been making terrible food choices today, like McDonald’s french fries for supper. I know that it’s just one day and I can make it better tomorrow, it’s just got me down a little bit. I did get a quiz done for my online art appreciation class, and I went to an awesome Zumba class this morning, but in between there I haven’t done anything. All I’ve felt like doing lately is sleeping, it seems like I’m always tired. If this doesn’t change soon, I may have to see a dr. Hopefully, I’ll get over this soon without the need of a dr. I guess I’m just in a funk today, and it’ll be better tomorrow. I wasn’t going to post today since I didn’t have much positive energy coming from me, but I decided that I couldn’t just post when I’m doing things “right”, this blog is all about the good and the bad times of a weight loss journey. We all have days like this, when it’s so much easier to revert back to the negative habits that we had before. The best thing I can do now is get up tomorrow and get back into the good habits that I’ve started. One bad day can’t undo the 83 pounds that I’ve already lost. So I will probably sit here and finish up some more episodes of 90210, maybe get off my butt and do some stretching and know that tomorrow will be better.

I did have one exciting thing today, I got my Sweat Pink swag! Super excited about that and can’t wait to represent this awesome community!!

Awesome tank and pink shoelaces!

Shoes are pinked out and ready to go!

There are a lot of giveaways on Facebook right now. If you are my friend or a fan of my FB page I try to share them as often as I can so everyone can have a chance to win. I also tweet about them when I can so you can follow me on twitter too!


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