Back on track!

Back to exercising and eating better and I feel much better. I didn’t workout for a few days while I was letting my leg heal, but it feels much better now and I’ve been back at it! Sunday I went for a walk and it was sunny, and HOT with no wind! Today’s walk was better because there was a nice wind to cool me (a little)! For some reason my Runkeeper app decided to have a brain fart today (yes I’m aware of the fact that my iPhone apps don’t have brains, but it’s the only explanation I could come up with). I walked the same distance and just a few minutes longer and Sunday it told me I walked 3.62 miles and today it told me I walked over 5.46! It kept telling me that I was walking 1 mile in five minutes. I’m not sure what happened but it was working fine at first. 


Yesterday I got these in the mail from Michelle at Mind, Body, and Goal (check out her FB page and LIKE LIKE LIKE, tell her Stacy from Working on my Fit sent you!!):


I can’t wait to give them a try. Think I’ll try the Abs, Buns and Thighs tonight. I’ll let you know what I think, I’ve only ever done Zumba in a class (which I LOVED) so I’m hoping I love this video just as much. Stay tuned! 🙂

Exciting news, I found out yesterday that I won a Handana from Run Find Your Happy Pace. You can check out both of their Facebook pages here – Handana and Run Find Your Happy Pace. Go check out their pages (NOW!!!) and let them know that Stacy from Working On My Fit sent you!!

Friday I start Weight Watchers and I can’t wait! I’ll be talking all about it!



3 thoughts on “Back on track!

  1. FYI – as a Zumba Instructor I feel the need to warn you that I’ve been told (I haven’t done them myself so I don’t know from experience) that those first Zumba DVD’s are crazy hard to follow. I know at the time Beto didn’t speak english so they coached him on how to say his lines (but he didn’t actually know what he was saying).

    I just didn’t want to you to try it and find it crazy hard and think something was wrong with you, ‘cuz it’s not you – it’s the DVDs 🙂 I do know a few people who loved those DVD’s so hopefully you’ll be one of them!

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