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Look what I got in the mail today. I’ll be testing them for Women’s Running Magazine. I never thought that when I started doing this blog and my Facebook page that I would get awesome opportunities like this. I’ll be sure to let y’all know when the issue comes out with my review in it!Image

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A Quick Note

Check out the new tab up at the top of my page! “Spreading The Blog Love” has a list of some of my favorite blogs! Check back often because I’ll be adding new ones regularly.

On another note, starting next week I’ll be sharing what I’m eating, so that I can be accountable for what I sticking in my mouth. If I have to tell you all about it, then I’ll be more conscious of what I’m doing. I need to stick to the Weight Watchers plan better and track everything (which I haven’t been doing), so I think this will help me keep track better!

Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Friday Fun Day

I finished my first virtual 10K today, doing a walk/run (more walking than running). I did it over two days, 5K each day. Yesterday’s 5K time was 52:13 and today’s 5K time was 49:54, and I ran for .60 miles without stopping. So far it’s the farthest distance I’ve run without stopping. Hoping to soon get to a mile, and I know that I will. The issue that I have with running on the treadmill is I constantly look at the display to see how far I’ve gone, which makes it feel like it takes FOREVER to get to a quarter or half of a mile. I am going to try running outside with one of my phone apps and set it to only notify me at a half mile so I don’t have a constant idea of how far I’ve gone. Hopefully I’ll get out there this weekend because it’s going to be nice and cool!! I’m having to skip Pink Saturday that I talked about here, because of the pinched nerve in my neck. The only thing I can do that doesn’t bother it is to walk/run, and I know that if I went to the event tomorrow I would do more and aggravate it again. I have to take enough time off to not let it get worse, which would keep me from being able to do anything. I’m super bummed, but I’ll just have to plan on being at the next event that they have. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if any readers are on the east coast, stay safe!!

Can you tell, I’m slightly obsessed with my collage maker apps that I have on my iPad. Photos just aren’t fun anymore unless you make them into a collage, right?! 🙂

Another great giveaway!

Head over to Little Miss Fit and enter her great giveaway for the “Think Pink Bundle”! Sweat Pink shoelaces, Sweat Pink Wine Glass and The Sox Box Tough Tatas socks!! Giveaway ends in 4 days so don’t delay!! 🙂

I’m back

I was thinking that I wouldn’t do this blog anymore because I didn’t seem to have a lot to write about, and I was just going to post stuff on my Facebook page (which is HERE, and you should really click on the link and like my page!!), but since I haven’t been making the best food choices lately I decided I would come back to blogging and see if that helps me to be more accountable and make better decisions regarding my food intake.

First I’ll talk about my exercise!! I started the P90X/Insanity hybrid last Tuesday and so far have really liked doing it that way, although I definitely like doing Insanity better than P90X. But now the problem I have is I think I’ve pinched a nerve in my neck and it’s causing a little bit of pain, and the thumb side of my arm from the should to the tip of my thumb has been numb, so I’m thinking that I’m going to have to take it easy on the upper body exercises and work on cardio and lower body. This makes doing P90X very hard so I’m going to have to make some changes to my hybrid schedule. I hate that this has happened because I was really motivated and excited to get going on this program. I’m not going to let it get me down though, I’ll just modify what I’m doing and get back to it once my neck heals. Yesterday, I went to cycle class, which I LOVE!! So I’m going to keep doing that on Tuesday’s and Zumba on Wednesday’s, work on my running on Thursday and Friday and some on the weekend, as well as doing what I can with P90X/Insanity. I may just stick with doing Insanity because I can modify those exercises to not stress my neck easier than I can P90X. We’ll see, maybe it’ll start feeling better soon! I’m SUPER excited about Pink Saturday this weekend at Nautilus Sport and Fitness Center. Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D. and cycle and everyone is to dress in pink. They are having door prizes and all of the money is going to a local charity Women Rock. “The mission of Women Rock is to save lives through the early detection of breast cancer while joyfully giving encouragement, support, hope, and conservative financial assistance to underserved, uninsured, and underinsured breast cancer victims in the North Texas region.” Can’t wait, I’ve already got my Tough Tatas socks from The Sox Box and I’ve been planning my outfit all week. I’m seriously considering dyeing my hair pink just for the day!! It’s going to be a great time! 

I’m also excited that I’ve started signing up for virtual runs. I’ve signed up for two 10K’s, one for October and one for November. I’m hoping to be able to do at least one each month. Last, I’ve also been doing the #plankaday and #wickedwallies almost every day. If you don’t know what this is, there are a couple of challenges on Twitter that are to do a plank every day and a wall sit. Set a timer and see how your time increases over time. My times have gone down a little bit the last few days, mostly on the plank because of my neck.

Now to the eating issues I’m having. I signed up for Weight Watchers about 3 weeks ago and I do really well during the day, but at night when I’m alone I just want to snack. I’m also having issues with always feeling hungry. I choose foods that should be filling, protein and veggies/fruits, but I’m usually hungry within an hour or so after eating. I try not to eat too much, but then evening comes and I’m still hungry and I’m alone because my hubby works till 10:00PM and I think I can control it if I just have a small snack, but then I’m back for more. It only lasts about two hours, so I need to start figuring out when this is happening and find something else to do to get my mind off of eating. I know all of the exercising I’m doing I doing me no good if I’m eating too much, but it’s just been a struggle lately. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out soon, and I’ll figure out what is going to work for me so that I’ll stick to it. I can do this and I’m closer to my goal than I ever thought I would be so I don’t want to mess it up now!

Well that’s all I’ve got for this lovely Wednesday. Hope you all have had a wonderful day, and the rest of your week is just as good!


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No it’s not me doing the giveaway, but if you head over to We Run Disney they have an AWESOME giveaway to accessorize your run, or whatever other type of exercise you choose to do! But you have to get over there quick because the giveaway ends today 10/24/12 at 8:00PM EST! Here’s a picture of what you can win!!

Handana Review!!

I recently was given the opportunity to review a Handana! All I can say is, WOW I think it’s one of my new favorite exercise accessories! I tried it today for the Vicious Cycle class that I started taking and it worked perfectly! Cycle classes always make me sweat more than any other class so I knew it would come in handy. It was comfortable to wear, and never got in the way. I almost forgot I was wearing it except when I needed to wipe the sweat off of my face. I like that I didn’t have to try to keep up with a towel on my bike because they usually end up on the floor toward the beginning of class and I don’t want to stop in the middle of my workout to get it. The Handana is soft and comfy and they come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit male and female hands. I would definitely recommend one of these for anyone who sweats a lot like me. I know I’ll be wearing it every time I workout. Also I love the fact that they are designed in Austin, TX. and made in the USA!! Here’s what they look like:

Check them out on online here, like them on FB here and follow them on twitter here!! You can also email them at for any information you would like!! I also have a coupon code for you when you decide you can’t live without this awesome product: HandanaFriends2012. Also, let them know that Stacy from Working On My Fit sent you!! Thanks!

I was provided with a Handana for free to do this review, but all of the opinions are my own.