Friday Fun Day

I finished my first virtual 10K today, doing a walk/run (more walking than running). I did it over two days, 5K each day. Yesterday’s 5K time was 52:13 and today’s 5K time was 49:54, and I ran for .60 miles without stopping. So far it’s the farthest distance I’ve run without stopping. Hoping to soon get to a mile, and I know that I will. The issue that I have with running on the treadmill is I constantly look at the display to see how far I’ve gone, which makes it feel like it takes FOREVER to get to a quarter or half of a mile. I am going to try running outside with one of my phone apps and set it to only notify me at a half mile so I don’t have a constant idea of how far I’ve gone. Hopefully I’ll get out there this weekend because it’s going to be nice and cool!! I’m having to skip Pink Saturday that I talked about here, because of the pinched nerve in my neck. The only thing I can do that doesn’t bother it is to walk/run, and I know that if I went to the event tomorrow I would do more and aggravate it again. I have to take enough time off to not let it get worse, which would keep me from being able to do anything. I’m super bummed, but I’ll just have to plan on being at the next event that they have. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if any readers are on the east coast, stay safe!!

Can you tell, I’m slightly obsessed with my collage maker apps that I have on my iPad. Photos just aren’t fun anymore unless you make them into a collage, right?! 🙂


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