Yup that’s what’s been going on lately. I haven’t blogged because I don’t have anything good to blog about. I’ve exercised two days so far this week (yes I know it’s Thursday) and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to tomorrow either. My plan right now is to get after it this weekend. I’ve signed up for some virtual races and I’m planning on getting some of them done next week. I’m only in school (clinical) on Monday so the rest of my week is “free”, even though Thursday is Thanksgiving and that night through Saturday morning will be filled with A LOT of shopping, but my plan is to workout every day starting Saturday and then my rest day will probably be Friday. I plan on getting up early enough on Thursday to do one of my virtual races, so I can earn my turkey!! I’ve been gaining and losing the same couple of pounds the past few weeks and it’s time for me to recommit to this, make a plan, and stick to it. I’m going to make my grocery list to include foods that will work well with Weight Watchers and plan out my meals for the next week. I know that won’t work for Thanksgiving, but that’s only one day and I’m not going to let that one day determine how I eat the rest of the week. I have started doing push ups, squats and a plank every day. I started the push-ups on Tuesday with 10 and each day I’ll add one, and today I started the squats with 10 and I’ll do the same, adding one each day. The plank is just held as long as I can hold it. Here’s todays.

I set a new goal for myself and my weight loss. I graduate from nursing school on May 10, 2013 and I want to be at my goal weight to walk across that stage, so I need to get working and lose these last 62-65 pounds, so I’ll be celebrating two accomplishments that night, instead of one.

Counting down the days!!


On another note, look what I received yesterday!


I won these from Skinny Mom and I’m super excited to try each of the flavors. I tried the Ginger Snap today and it was pretty good, but the ginger was REALLY strong so remember that if you decide to try that flavor. The hubster tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie and he was not a fan, he said it tasted like an old fig newton. Not sure how he knows what an old fig newton tastes like, but I guess I won’t have to worry about sharing any more with him. I’ll let you all know how the rest of the flavors are. What I love about them is the ingredients list, it’s short and all natural, nothing extra added. The Ginger Snap ingredients are – ginger (duh), cloves, cinnamon, dates, almonds and pecans, and that’s it!! Can’t wait to try another flavor, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Well that’s what’s been happening with me. Too many excuses and not enough action. Time to make a change.


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