Spreading the Blog Love

I’m starting this list of some of my favorite blogs so that you can check them out too! I’ll be adding to it regularly so check back often!

The Fit Cookie

Fit Betty

Crystal Fun2Race

Little Miss Fit

Journey to Wellness

Stuft Mama


Skinny Runner

Blonde Ponytail

The Sweaty Betties

Train Dirty Fitness

Hello Fitness…..We Meet Again

Peace Love and Low Carb

The Athletarian

Fierce Forward

C’est La Vie

Girl Gone Veggie

A Runner’s Heart

Knots and Squats

Breathe Deeply and Smile

Losing My Weight Gaining My Life

Kate Moving Forward

Life’s Run

Weight Off My Shoulders


One Little Becca

Mind, Body, and Goal

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Live From La Quinta

Larissa Milano Fitness

Passion & Laughter


Run, Mommy, Run


Crazy Healthy Fit

Pink Fit


Cut and Curvy

We Run Disney

Suzanne Ran

Fit Pregnancy and Parenting

Healthy Runner Wife

Piper’s Run


Project Girl Get Fit

Run Find Your Happy Pace

Health Love and Chocolate

Badass Fitness

2 Princesses on the Run

Savvy Sassy Me

Urban in Suburbia

Leafy not Beefy

Triathlon Mami

Piper’s Run

Road Runner Girl

Miller Mania

Sweets ‘n’ Sweat

Naturally Fit Sisters

Living Smart Girl

Super {Runner} Mama

The Life and Vibes of…


Scribbles & Sass

Slim Sanity

Sexy Mother Runner

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